Halloween Monsters


1 apple

1/4 cup peanut butter

Mariani Vanilla Yogurt Raisins

Optional: Mariani Blueberries, lemon juice


Slice apples using an apple slicer. If preparing in advance, you can keep your apples looking and tasting fresh by adding lemon juice to the apple slices.

Spread peanut butter on two apple slices (make sure you choose two pieces similar in size). Place Mariani Vanilla Yogurt Raisins on the peanut butter side of one of the two apple slices. Press the two pieces together with the Mariani Vanilla Yogurt Raisins and the peanut butter at the center of the two slices.

With peanut butter, affix the Vanilla Yogurt Raisin “eyes” on the monster.

*Optional: Use Mariani Wild Blueberries on top of the Vanilla Yogurt Raisins for pupils.

Repeat until you have your desired number of Halloween Monsters. Remember to adjust your needed ingredients to desired number of snacks.