MPC_Temp_HomeRotator-Our-ResponsibilityMPC_Temp_HomeRotator-Our-Responsibility-3SUSTAINABILITY EFFORTS

  • Mariani is very conscious of how its 750,000 square-foot facility affects the local community and environment.
  • Mariani has installed a 1.1 megawatt solar array which provides for 25% of the facilities electrical needs.
    • Over 20 years, our zero-emission system will reduce 40 million pounds of CO2, equivalent to taking 4,000 cars off the road in a year.
    • Since inception we have offset 3,503,357 lbs of CO2 = 147 cars
  • Our water purification plant reconditions waste water which filters back to the local municipality in the best condition.
    • Overall water reduction has measured over 5 million gallons.
  • Boiler economizer reduces natural gas usage by 24,000 therms or the equivalent of powering 535 households for a month.
  • Energy efficient air compressor reduces CO2 output by 64,953 pounds annually, equivalent to powering 229 households for a month.
  • Recycling program has diverted over 13,900,000 pounds of fiber, plastics, and other waste, over the past year.
  • Transitioned all lighting fixtures to motion activated, induction fluorescent units using 1/3 less energy reducing approximately 1.1 million pounds of CO2 annually, equivalent to powering 3,900 households for a month.