We listen with an open mind.  We trust and value every community member.  We solicit input, ideas and feedback.  We reward and recognize our community members for their performance and contributions.  We provide opportunities  for growth and development.  We understand, appreciate and embrace cultural differences.  We communicate clearly, openly and effectively as often as possible.


We have a willingness and desire to grow and to make ourselves and our company better.  We have an open mind.  We are flexible and adapt quickly to new ways of doing things.  We have a positive attitude and offer solutions.  We approach challenges with fearlessness and drive.


Status quo is never an option.  We are constantly looking for ways to do things more efficiently and effectively with regard to our products, services and processes.  We actively search for ways to do things better.  We cross train our community members to work in a variety of positions.  We conduct surveys to obtain feedback from our customers, vendors and community members.  Delivery (customer valued) processes are constantly evaluated and improved in the light of their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.


We never compromise on quality in fulfilling our mission of delivering the very best.  We will always make the best decisions to produce the highest quality products.  We have a solid understanding of the fastest and highest quality modes of moving product from the farm to the customer.  We work hard to build personal relationships with quality growers.


We have a clearly defined vision and strategy that is communicated throughout the organization.  We actively seek opportunities that yield significant growth.  We train, grow and develop our community members.  We empower our community members to think and act strategically.  We look for ways to do things better tomorrow than we do today.  We encourage and solicit new ideas.