MPC_Temp_MarianiFor four generations in California, we have grown, dried, processed and packaged only the finest and freshest dried fruit snacks and ingredient product.  Every Mariani product represents our family heritage of premium quality dried fruit.

The quest for perfection began in 1906 when Paul Mariani, the immigrant son of a European farmer, arrived in the lush Santa Clara Valley.  He planted fruit trees on four acres and within a few years, after working hard and surviving set backs, began to prosper.  Over the years he expanded his acreage, opened new markets, and developed a keen understanding for prime fruit growing areas both locally and around the world.

MPC_Temp_Our-Story-2 MPC_Temp_Our-Story-1His son Paul Jr. inherited his father’s knack for innovation.  Under Paul Jr.’s leadership, Mariani was the first to introduce a moist, ready-to-eat dried fruit sold in a clear “see-through” package.  This allowed consumers to see our quality dried fruit.  Recent Mariani innovations include resealable and pleated pouches enabling our product to stay fresher longer and store easier on shelves.


MPC_Temp_Our-Story-3In 1979 Paul Mariani Sr.’s grandson, Mark A. Mariani became responsible for its legacy.  As Chairman/CEO, he has been the force behind growing the business and the company now sells more than 125 million pounds of product annually.

Great Grandson, George Sousa Jr., the current President, has reaffirmed his great-grandfather’s belief to never compromise on quality.  For Mark and George Jr. and their family, Mariani is more than a brand name, it is a family name.  A family who for four generations has held the belief that quality is paramount.





The Mariani brand has been synonymous with innovation and has been first to market with cutting-edge breakthroughs in the Dried Fruit industry.



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