In the Press

The New York Times: In Praise of the Prune: “I like a good prune. I mean, when it’s soft and sweaty like a candy bar on a hot day. When it’s a sinister Disney-villain shade of brownish purple, and it tastes of nothing but honey and caramel, what’s not to like?”

Grocery Headquarters: Produce For Better Health Foundation Announces Non-Retail Honorees: Mariani was recognized as a strong advocate for Produce for Better Health & the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters national health campaign.

PR Newswire: The Role of Prunes in Bone Health: “The benefits of prune consumption for osteoporosis and their role in total body bone mineral density (BMD) loss have been supported by scientific research in both animal studies and clinical trials.”

PR Newswire: Iconic Mariani Packing Company Opens Holiday Store: “For every bag sold [at the holiday store], another bag will be donated to Opportunity House,” said Sandy Lamanna, international product manager at Mariani. “We just wanted to stay local, stay in the community (with our aid).”

PR Newswire: Mariani Packing Company announces exclusive partnership with Ganeden Biotech: “Mariani Packing Company, the world’s largest independent producer of dried fruit, has partnered with Ganeden Biotech, a recognized leader in the manufacturing and marketing of probiotics.”