Dried Fruit & Cheese Tray


1 bag of Mediterranean Apricots 

1 creamy cheese (such as Camembert, Brie or Goat Cheese)

1 sharp cheese (such as aged Gouda or Gruyere)

1 nutty cheese (such as Aged Manchego or Cheddar)

1 package of crackers



The key to a good fruit & cheese tray is making sure you have a variety of types of cheeses. Our guide provides a tray with 1 creamy cheese type, 1 sharp cheese option and 1 nutty cheese but feel free to add other styles of cheese as you see fit. The lightly sweet Mediterranean Apricots provide a change up from the cheese flavors & round out the tray.

To prepare: simply cut up your cheeses and place on a serving tray with your Mediterranean Apricots and your crackers.

Then enjoy the array of flavors & textures!